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One of the simplest ways of international marketing is to participate in overseas exhibitions. This method, if not implemented properly, not only will not achieve the desired result, but can also have the opposite results.

Participation in foreign exhibitions generally consists of 3 stages:

  1. before the exhibition:

These goals can be entering a foreign market or continuing to be active in a market - Finding a representative - Introducing new products - Testing a product - Promoting a brand (branding) - Examining the market and other specific goals of each company.


The presence of each company can be different according to its goals. For companies that intend to participate in an international exhibition for the first time, it is definitely recommended to use the experiences of a hosting company or participate in an exhibition as a group.


It is recommended that companies design and update their website in a way so that when the applicants first refer to the website, it can attract the applicants' attention when they first are referred to the website.



Scheduling of pre-exhibition stages:


The time of registration in the foreign exhibition must be at least 9 months before attending the exhibition. The steps that must be done during this period are summarized as follows:

- Initial registration for the exhibition

- Determining the location of the booth

- Determining the items that you should send to the exhibition with you or before your departure.

-Inserting company information on the exhibition website and announcing your presence in the exhibition

- reading the exhibition book from previous exhibitions and creating a database of the desired audience.

- Decide whether you want to hold a party or conference in the exhibition or not and make the necessary arrangements to do so.

-Obtaining visa from the country from the target country for all people who are supposed to be present at the exhibition, as well as plane tickets - suitable accommodation

-Training the people who are going to be present in the booth by mastering a foreign language, preparing all promotional items such as catalogs - promotional gifts - business cards.

-Booth design: If you want to create a booth with a special design, contact a professional designer, choosing the design and design of the booth itself sometimes takes several months.

-Marketing programs in the target country such as ad design - Reviewing and comparing the prices of different media and the impact of each of them

-Sending invitations to some of your specific customers

-Send group emails to your audience and potential customers even if you know they will not be coming to the show because this information itself can be effective in promoting your company and the services.

-the quality of reception in your booth

-providing the suitable environment for business negotiations

-Information on the clearance of goods in the target country and also the exporting of products from Iranian customs, especially in the case of machinery and industrial tool.

-Preparing uniforms for booth officials.


*The mentioned items are only represented as a checklist and the quality of performance if each of the items is very effective in overall performance of the company.


  1. Activities during the exhibitions:


You must be present at the city of exhibition at least 2 days before it starts to make sure that the booth and its facilities are fully prepared. if there are some shortcomings, you will have the opportunity to complete them. Determine the distance between the place you're staying at and the exhibition before the start of the exhibition and the time required to reach the exhibition and your means of transportation, and note that there is usually a lot of traffic at the time of the exhibition.


  1. Actions after the end of the exhibition