This Department deals with training international standards and also training modern management courses. Until now, thousands of experts and senior and intermediate managers have been trained buy this department. It most be said, in those courses witch are under the license of foreign companies, international valid certification will delivered.

It must be said that this company announce its prepration for delivering special training courses in the place of any volunteer , in or outside of the country.

· Training courses schedule

· Training courses performed by training group

· In house courses performed by training group

· Performed seminar by training group

· Tutors of training courses

· List of training courses

Training Courses Schedule

index Course Date Duration Cost (Rls)

international courses of Iso/TS 16949 concept version 2002 audit Internal quality.

May 2007 3 days 950000

22th international course of internal auditing quality Iso 9001 version 2000

April 2007 3 days 950000

Strategic Planning (Dubai)

june 2007 1 day 300000

Seminar of familiarity with the latest changes on HACCP Standard

July 2007 1 day 450000

The regular mistakes of the managers and some suggestions for correcting them.

August 2007 1 day 300000

Course of European Quality model (EFQM) .

September 2007 3 days 900000

Note 1: If the applicant companies and Units have one of these situations they can have 10% discount.

a) The units that have contract with Sohatoos Company. b)The units that have International licences.

Note 2: For registration please send your payment with the account number 1944/37 Sepah Bank No.1238 Ahmad abad Mashhad Branch or the Siba Current account of Melli Bank the branch No.8599 sajjad Blvd Mashhad in the name of the Sohatoos Company and please fax your letter of intruduction and the settlement to our company.

Training Courses Performed By Training group

·2 international courses of ISO 9000 lead auditor accredited by RAB institute (USA) and IRCA

·2 Courses to be familiar with ISO 9000 Concepts version 2000

·3 courses for document and procedure development

·25 international courses of ISO 9000 internal auditor

·2 courses to be familiar with software of statistical process

·courses of training of project control software

·courses related to ISO/TS16949 Ver.2000 standard

·3 courses of JIT( just in time

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Performed Seminar by Training Group

In House Seminars

·Seminar of quality managment system in Auto Industry ISO/TS 16949 , QS 9000 , V AD6.1

·Seminar of familiarity with environmental standards ISO 14000

·Seminar of familiarity with materials scince (Employer:Part Lastik Company)

·Seminar of familiarity with 17025standard (Employer:Part Lastik Company)

·Seminar of entering European market and product standardization CE – Marketing

·Seminar of ISO/TS 16949 version 2002 (Employer:Kaveh Abzar Boreshi Company)

·Seminar of participative managment development (Employer:Shargh Cement Company)

·Seminar of QS 9000,ISO/TS 16949.

·Seminar of continuous improvment and not mentioned notes about it

·Seminar of processing approach and auditing ISO 9000 – 2000 process

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Tutors of Training Courses

In House Course Performed by Training Group

·Performing auditing environmental management system ISO 14000(Employer: Mashhad Electricity Distribution Company)

·Performing the design of experiments DOE (Employer: Iran Industrial Research &Training Center)

·Performing international course of auditing Internal Quality System ISO 9000 (Employer: Toos Power Plant)

·performing Gigs ad fixtures GD&T (Employer: Defense Industry Organization)

·Performing interaction management course (Employer: khorasan Regional Water Organization)

·Performing international course of auditing Internal Quality System ISO 14000 (Employer: Toos Power Plant)

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list ofTraining Courses

a. Quality Management System Training Course

b. Equipments Used in Planing & Implementing of quality management system

c. Environment of Management System ISO 14000training course
d. d.Quality Control and Calibration

e. new management methods course

f. Familiarity with European Union Standard (CE Marking)
g. Food g.Industry courses (HACCP)

h. General courses

i. Security & Hygiene Management & OHSAS 1800

j. Quality Assurance Standard in Medical Equipment Industry EN 46001

k. Application Expert course

l. Material science

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