Jebel Ali Free Zone is built around the largest man-made port in the world and covers over one 100 square kilometers which include office units, warehouses and land sites that are available on lease, whilst storage space in the cold & cool stores, open storage areas and ultra modern cargo handling equipment can be hired.

This enables clients to optimize the resources available to them and as a result run efficient and cost effective business operations.

  · Office Units

  ·  Multi Storied Office Units

  ·  Light Industrial Units (LIU)

  ·  Land Sites

Benefits & Incentives

Jebel Ali Free Zone offers the most exciting investment incentives in the world. All these incentives rank Jebel Ali Free Zone among the world’s most successful Free Zones.

Companies within JAFZ are 100% foreign owned

No corporate taxes for 50 years, a concession that is renewable

100% repatriation of capital and profits

No corporate and personal income tax

Access to a market of over 2 billion consumers

Modern efficient communications

No restrictions or problems for recruiting staff. You can employ cosmopolitan work force

Attractive working environment

Abundant energy

Competitive freight charges

No currency restrictions

Excellent support services from Dubai Ports Authority’s two modern terminals

In-house e-business support “My JAFZA” Portal Service.

On-site staff accommodation, customs, chamber of commerce, international Bank and many other services & facilities.

Owners of premises for land lease can be mortgaged

Growing Local Market Exports and re-exports are on the rise from Dubai, and the Jebel Ali Free Zone in particular. Dubai Ports Authority has frequently demonstrated its ability to adapt quickly to changing trade patterns by picking up considerable business such as in the re-export of cotton and base metals from CIS countries and the sub-continent.

·No major markets in the Middle East are more than 24 hours drive

·No major port in the region is more than 48 hours steaming

·Europe is 14 days, Japan 20 days and South East Asia 9 days away

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Marketing Activities Performed by Marketing Group.

This department is involved with marketing services to manufacturing and servicing companies, internal and external economic centers.

and also cooperation with internal and external fair in the case of holding and attraction of partnership.

For example these activities done by this department:

 ·Programming for holding Building and Construction Fair in

 ·Farayand Group delegation in Iran (Dubai)

 ·We are active company in the field of Designing Construction Projects.

 ·Holding international standards fair.

 ·cooperation in holding 3 standards fair.

 ·marketing for Jebel Ali Free Zone in order to attract investors.

 ·Identification and introducing companies & institution which have possibilities to receive financial facilities from Emirate International Bank.

 ·marketing services to manufacturing and servicing companies, internal and external economic centers(More than10 famous foreign companies)

 ·Consulting in order to attract foreign company (JVC) & transmission technology to domestic companies .

A comprehensive list of analytical reports of IRAN marketing


    for more information or reciving the catalogues of mentioned   apartments contact  mareting department.

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