All these activities have resulted in establishment and promotion of economic, business, technical and engineering cooperators of Iranian experts with other countries distinguished in the said areas:

 Activities done by this deportment

· Holding Conference with Chamber of Commerce Federation and India   & Arab Chamber of Commerce.
· Holding Conference with Friendship Association of iran & India.
· Holding Conference with Chamber of Commerce Iran & India.
· Holding Conference with Chamber of Commerce of Trance Asia.
· Dispatching 35 expert business marketing &technical engineering   delegation.
· 3 Visits of Jebel Ali Free zone& Al Khalij sugar Co.
· 2 Visit of Sony company.
· 2 Visits of Auto Mechanika fair in Frankfurt ,Germany.
· 2 Visits of Opel co .
· Visit of Industrial Fair in Hanover , Nuremberg, Munchen and Köln (Germany).
· Visit of Industries of Italy Bosnia & Herzegovina& turkey .
· Visit of industries of France.
· Visit of Russian center of auto industry Research.
· Visit of Services company that have quality Management ISO9000 in Thailand.
· Visit of Food Industry & Packaging (ProPak) Fair in Shanghi – China
Visit of Daimler Chrysler company -Germany
· visit of Interpach Exhibition-Germany .
· visit of Auto -export fair in Sharje – United Arab Emirates.
· programming dispatch of expert business marketing & technical· engineering delegation to England , Germany, France , Ukraine , Emirate , Egypt , Spain , China , South Korea , Tunisia , Malaysia , Singapore , Thailand &Canada.
· visit of light industries fair (HIM) Munchen (Germany) 11 March to 17 March 2005 (Employer -Iran Unions center)
· visit of Auto Parts fair (Automechanica- Beijing -China)20-29th November 2005.
· Dispatching Marketing Business Delegation to England.
· visit of Malaysian Industrial fair and ASEAN fair (Kuala lampur ,Malaysia 9-17 th December 2005 ).(Employer- Kerman shah chamber of Commerce).

Visit of industrial Fair in Hanover, Nuremberg, Munche and Köln in Germany.

Visit of industries of Italy.

Programming dispatch of expert business marketing and technical engineering delegations to:

Germany, France, Ukraine, Emirates, Egypt, Spain, China , Korea & Tunisia

 Foreign Relation Department

This department is engaged in dispatching expert, business and marketing delegations to the farthest reaches of the world, paving the ground for importing the latest technologies,

attaching foreign investments, and the result is creation and improving the Iran expert , economic and marketing cooperation with other famous countries in this space. In further ness of these ends, to date more than 35 delegations have been dispatched to different countries.


Annual Exhibition of Sohatoos Industrial Consulting Co


Future Exhibition of Sohatoos Industrial Consulting Co

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