Facilities in Jebel Ali

Facilities In Jebel Ali Free Zone 

The Jebel Ali Free Zone has provided a variety of facilities to meet the demands of investors including office buildings that can be rented annually. These non-furnished offices which are equipped with light and fixed facilities, are designed in a way that can be easily changed and and suit the needs of investors.

Light Industrial Units

There are high quality insulated units that are built for special purposes and can be rented annually. The office spaces of these units can be increased and eaxh unit has two exits: one for forklift trucks and one for containers loading and unloading. 

Jebel Ali Free Zone Representative Certificates 





Mashhad Office: 1, 3rd Floor, Dehghan Building, Faramarz-e-Abbasi Cross, Ferdosi Blvd., Mashad-Iran
Tel: (+98) 51- 36068262-36068264-36068268 Fax: (+98) 51- 36055477
Tehran Office: Unit10,floor 5, No. 23, Andisheh 6 Cross, Northern , Sohrevardi, Tehran, Iran
Tel:(+98) 21-88471400-88471404-88471412 Fax : (+98) 21 88440081
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